The jazz band was accepted into the NJ STATE JAZZ GALA!!! They only take the best 9 bands in the State, choosing 3 from every division. Liberty was chosen as one of the 3 to represent division II. The Gala is on May 13th and is an all day event! (1pm-5pm) Jazz Band students, e mail Mr. K if you are NOT available! CONGRATS!!!

Congrats to the Liberty Jazz Ensemble for their 4th Place performance at the NJ STATE JAZZ FINALS!!!!!!!



CONGRATS!! After a LONG 5 day festival with over 50 competing bands, Jackson Liberty has made it to the NJ State Jazz Finals and is currently ranked 5th in the State!!


Due by March 31, 2017

You did good kids!! 3rd Place is GREAT! There is a saying, “sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” we did BOTH tonight!!


Please print out the form, fill it out and return within the next two weeks. Thank You

DC Release form

CONGRATS!! SUPERIOR Rating! Awards for Best OVERALL Improvisation! Best Overall Trumpets! E’Spirit De Corps Award!! Best Soloist Brandon Moy! Outstanding Musician on Sax AND Flute George Willis !! WOW!!! What a start!!


We Thank You

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