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Rachel Klott, Director

Woodwind Choir 2011/2012




Margaret Pappdimatos
Rebecca Zilis
Cherelle Locklear
Courtney Wojcik
Victoria Rocha
Sam DeForne
Julisa Barrera
Alanna Isernia
Marissa Simonetti
Allison White


Amy Hans
Danielle Demateis
Samantha Shave
Erin Hickman
Brandon Asher
Conor Prendergast
Nick Iorio

Alto Clarinet

Krystal Capers
Bass Clarinet

Adrian Dowling
Sierra Pari

Alto Saxophone

Kylie Weaver
Armand Alvarez
Nick Clifford
Samantha Garcia
Danny Torri
Jake Needham
Kristin Wall
Caroline Linke
Sung Huh
Tenor Saxophone

Diana Ryerson
Lorenzo Garcia
Victoria Galindo
Kyle Demcovitz
Max MacCrate

Baritone Saxophone

Kristina Bogdan
Veronica Rowland

Jackson Liberty Woodwind Choir 2010/2011

Jackson Liberty Lion Marching Band
PO BOX 753, Jackson, NJ 08527

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