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2009 Jackson Jazz Band

Band Director - Mr. Scott Katona

2009 Liberty Jazz Band

Saxophone Section

Alto Sax 1
Justin Gonzalez

Alto Sax 2
David Reiter

Tenor Sax 1
Gary Basko

Tenor Sax 2
James Banister

Baritone Sax
Joe Aquino

Paul Maier

Brass Section

Trumpet 1
Chris Hildalgo

Trombone 1
Paul Maier

Trumpet 2
Brian Catri

Trombone 2
Josh Gonzalez

Trumpet 3
Mike DellaDonna

Trombone 3
John Wall

Trumpet 4
Adam Anton

Trombone 4
Paul Needham

Rhythm Section

Bass Guitar
Zane Decker

Drum Set
Rich Thomas

Auxiliary Percusion
Vincenza DellaDonna

Harvey Spinks

Drum Set/Auxiliary
Jeff Banbor
Christian DellaDonna

The Liberty Jazz Festival Awards
Congratulations to all of the musicians that took part
in the 2009 Liberty Jazz Fest. Thank you!!


Monmouth Regional HS - Vocalist
Spartan Band - Alexis Kern - Bass
Manchester HS - Josh Peak - Bass
Shore Regional HS - Jared Banarro - Guitar
Hamilton West HS - Fallyn Dempsey - Flute
Howell HS - Migvel Rodriguez - Tenor Sax
Nottingham HS - Kevin Pollak - Trumpet
Jackson Memorial HS - Jesse Garcia - Trumpet
Steinert Jazz Band - Matt Kanoc - Alto Sax


Michael Bono - Guitar - Howell HS
Katrina Kleinman - Alto Sax - Hamilton West HS
Liam Boyle - Trombone - Shore Regional HS
Sam Stillwell - Drums - Steinert HS
Matt Molisani - Trombone - Monmouth Regional


TRUMPET - Nottingham
RHYTHM - Howell
TROMBONE - Steinert
SAXOPHONE - Jackson Memorial

Congrats to the Jackson Liberty Jazz Band & Rich Thomas for their performance at Wednesday's Festival "Music Spectacular" that took place on April 1, 2009 at the Strande Theater in Lakewood, NJ.

Best Trumpet Section
Best Overall Soloist - Rich Thomas - Drumset

03/28/2009 - Congrats to the Liberty Jazz Band on their performance
at the Princeton Jazz Festival

Superior Rating
Best Rhythm Section
Best Trumpet Section
Best Soloist Award Scholarship for ZANE DECKER

03/14/2009 - Congrats to the Liberty Jazz Band on their performance
at the Steinert Jazz Fest!

Silver Rating

02/20/2009 - Congrats to the Liberty Jazz Band on their performance
at the Hamilton West Jazz Fest!

Superior Rating
Best Trumpet Section
Paul Maier - Best Trombone Soloist

01/31/2009 -Congrats to the Liberty Jazz Band on their first performance of the year
at Nottingham Jazz Fest.

Superior Rating
Best Trombone Section

The Jackson Liberty Jazz Band is proud to announce
they will be opening for

The “Piano Man”

The “Piano Man” is coming to Jackson - The Jackson Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc. in support of American Recreational Military Services (ARMS) ( is enthusiastically presenting a one night performance by Wade Preston, the star of Billy Joel’s Broadway Production “Movin Out”, on February 28, 2009 (Rain Date March 21, 2009). Please click here for the informational flyer.

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